Free Yourself From the Restrictions of Alkaline Battery Usage

Exodus Power is an innovative company that is raising the bar for battery technology. The Lithium Iron Phospahte (LiFePO4) batteries are eco-friendly, light-weight, trackable through GPS, have a longer life span (10 years), and have quicker charging times. Exodus Power’s batteries are distributed through an oil and gas affiliated company called, Fleaux Services. While the company started out catering to the battery needs of the oil and gas industry, they have since expanded to military applications along with Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchairs.

The benefits of our Exodus Power batteries stretch far beyond the oil and gas industry! The company is continuing to prove its product’s relevance in more areas than one. Together, Exodus Power and Fleaux Services are promoting the planet with eco-friendly technology!

The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, also called LFP battery, is a type of rechargeable battery which uses LiFePO4 as a cathode material (the negatively charged electrode by which electrons enter an electrical device). LiFePO4 batteries have somewhat lower energy density than the more common lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) found in consumer electronics. Our batteries offer longer lifetimes, better power density (rate that energy can be drawn from the battery) and are inherently safer.

With the New EXODUS Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, you can be sure that your equipment is working at it’s full potential throughout usage.



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