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Here at Exodus we provide special deals to our Educators, Firefighters, Military Veterans and Police Officers!

We also cater to the Military and Medical industry!

Avid supporters of the Go Green movement!

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At the bottom of the page, we have our comparison using a lead acid battery versus one of our LiFePo4 batteries on a Permobil Entra P+ 10000.

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Exodus Scooter & Wheelchair Battery Information Document

Exodus Brochure

 Wheelchair Challenge

LiFePO4 55ah Battery


Factory 73ah AGM Lead Acid Battery

(Test Chair: Permobil Entra P+ 10000)


Run Time

7.00 hours

Average Speed

7.2 kilometers per hour (4.5 mph)

Max Speed

7.5 kilometers per hour (4.7 mph)

Distance Traveled

54.4 kilometers (32.6 miles)

Charge Time

4.00 hours

Run Time

5.50 hours

Average Speed

5.9 kilometers per hour (3.7 mph)

Max Speed

6.4 kilometers per hour (4 mph)

Distance Traveled 

35.4 kilometers (22 miles)

Charge Time

8 hours