Firefighter Specials

Exodus is proud to offer a discount for firefighters/first responders!

To our Firefighters and First Responders,

    Exodus Power and Fleaux Services acknowledge the importance and service of our nation’s Firefighters and the tremendous impact they have on our Great Nation! While the company started out catering to the battery needs of the oil and gas industry, they have since expanded to military applications, and are now bringing the batteries to electric mobility vehicles (Scooters and Wheelchairs). Exodus Power and Fleaux Services decided to offer our lithium iron phosphate batteries to our nation’s Firefighters for their mobility vehicles at a 20% discount.
Exodus Power is an innovative company raising the bar for battery technology. The Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are eco-friendly, light-weight, trackable through GPS, have longer lasting life (10 years), and have quicker charge times. Exodus Power’s batteries are distributed through oil and gas affiliated company, Fleaux Services.
For many forced to use a scooter or wheelchair doesn’t mean being inactive. Exodus Power and Fleaux Services are on a mission to provide the best possible performance and distance for scooters and wheelchairs. When testing the Exodus Power LiFePO4 battery against a larger factory supplied lead acid battery, the Exodus Power battery ran an hour and ten minutes longer. This means less time waiting on your chair to charge and more time out being active.
Together, Exodus Power and Fleaux Services are promoting the eco-friendly technology and promoting the selfless Servants who fight fire in our Great Country that we are so blessed to live in.

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Trey Moore, CEO

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