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After over 30 years each of military service, Retired Colonels Ashton Naylor and Don Randle collaborated to continue their service by partnering with Exodus Power and Fleaux Services to provide the latest stored energy (battery) and other technical solutions not only to the public, but our well deserving Service Members and other government organizations serving the public. Additionally, they partnered to support Special Forces soldiers and Veterans to provide the newest battery (lithium iron phosphate: stored energy, the most stable of lithium chemistries) technology to Veterans using Scooters or Wheelchairs. The CEO of Exodus and Fleaux Services, Trey Moore, also a Veteran; supported the Veteran effort and expanded it to include Educators and First Responders (Firefighters and Law Enforcement).

Ashton and Don lead our Government and Military Advisory Team. Our Advisory Team consists of retired officers and senior non-commission officers with well over 100 years of cumulative military service. Most of their service time is in combat arms branches and Special Forces. They bring a mission and user (service member in the field) perspective to our operations and customer service.

Our Senior Advisory Team: Carl Beene, Richard Drew, Ashton Naylor, Don Randle and Bob Shanks.